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BYOD - Understanding the risks so you can reap the benefits

Course Overview

Massive consumer adoption of mobile devices is driving change in the way employees’ access, store, process and transmit corporate data. This change is causing enormous impact on the corporate perimeter and introducing new challenges for organizations in meeting the confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements of business.  Cloud services and a diverse range of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are now part of the fabric of every organization. This transformation is only in its infancy as organization’s look to use these new devices to increase worker efficiencies.

Course Outline

Moble Device Strategy

  • Understanding the risks – device and data loss, OS exploits, web-based exploits, application malware, excessive application access, policy and regulatory compliance, copyright and illegal content, privacy.
  • Policy decisions –which services, applications and devices to allow?

Securing and Testing Mobile Applications

  • Adopting secure coding practices, known vulnerabilities,
  • Testing – application and penetration

BYOD Readiness

  • How to conduct a readiness assessment - ensuring suitable policies, process and technology are in place to support end users and the corporate environment from potential and known risks.

Mobile Device Management Implementation

      How to deploy a mobile device management solution to enforce mobile device controls across the enterprise.

Mobile Data Loss Prevention

  • Designing and employing the necessary device and data controls to minimize risks.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

  • Understand and be aware of the impact of privacy regulations and how to implement a suitable control baseline to meet these requirements.

Ideal Candidates

C level management, VP’s, Directors and Managers of operations, IT and security

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