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Strategy to Reality - Residual Risks Seminar

Why residual risks?

In addition to integrating a life cycle approach to securing IT infrastructure, we must begin with an awareness of the tried-and-true strategies like risk management, and compliance, as well as seek-out emerging information technologies that put you at risk. There are five main areas driving health care, government, finance, and other sectors to take action.  These five areas include:

1. Cloud computing - Threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, contracting, compliance, & management

2. Risk management - Fiscally sound defense postures, asymmetric returns and correlated threats

3. Compliance - GRC, efficiencies and integration, real time data and aggregate reporting, transparency and accountability

4. Emerging exploits - What filters miss, dissecting attack vectors, understand how vulnerabilities are aggregated with automated techniques

5. Cryptography - Center stage for authentication, now under attack

Learning Objectives

INVESTIGATE and analyze emerging information technologies as they relate to data protection and security.

IDENTIFY critical security issues associated with new information technologies, threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

EVALUATE solutions needed to protect your data assets.

SUMMARIZE how to implement the security standards necessary to ensure compliance with government, law and regulations.

PERFORM and apply best practices in IT risk management.

INTEGRATE information assurance in a life cycle risk management framework.

What you get

  • Seminar workbook
  • Security tools CD
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 16 CPEs

Why you should attend

RELEVANT Case studies will be discussed that identify: the latest threats to the enterprise; security threat impact analysis; new technology deployment; and, risk in the corporate environment, health care channels and government sectors.

POPULAR  IP3’s seminar series has been attended by over 6,000 security professionals from small business, medium to large corporations, government, professional associations, health care and numerous other industries.

EARN CPEs Industry professionals that hold certifications can utilize their Certificate of Completion for 16 CPEs toward credential maintenance.

DISSECTION OF CURRENT SECURITY ISSUES Google, Aurora, Sony, and Epsilon are real time eye-opening examples of just some of the most significant exploits of the century.

NETWORKING Brush elbows with IT security peers. Gain critical and insightful updates and knowledge while enjoying one of the nation’s leaders in information assurance.

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Live Seminar Instruction

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