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We want our clients to succeed, and we go that extra mile to ensure that they do.

What our clients are saying..

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you do because I PASSED the CISSP Exam! I could not have accomplished this challenging goal without the support of the IP3 staff and the qualified and dynamic IP3 instructors.”

“The quality of the instructors employed by IP3 is extraordinary. With a combination of intellect, humor, and real-world experience the instructors were always interesting and held my attention throughout the classes. The personal stories related by the instructors were timely, appropriate and really helped to explain sometimes difficult topics. There were many times the class was over before I realized it and ended up wishing for more time!”

“I initially watched the pre-recorded online version of the CISSP training and watched the classes for the 10 domains in one week. I then attended the live 3-times weekly classes for a few months before my exam. I feel the ability to attend the ongoing live online classes along with the ability to watch the recorded sessions of all the recorded classes on my schedule was the key factor that allowed the difficult subjects to “take hold”. The online format that IP3 uses for the CISSP training classes is ideally suited for those of us who are “auditory” and “visual” learners.”

“Again, I wanted to thank everyone at IP3 for a quality program!”

Stephen Berg , Manager I.T. , Silgan Plastics Corporation

“The class you taught help fill in some gaps and also identify others. This helped me focus in on my weaknesses enough to pass. Thanks for all your effort.”

Steven R. , Oakland, CA


“I passed the exam. Thank you IP3. I wanted to tell you that i think IP3 trainingbootcamp and online access is the BEST ROI for any professional looking for material and information in preparation for the CISSP exam. Thank you for everything! The videos, pdfs, everything is great. I passed the exam on June 28. Good luck to everyone!”

Christian R. , Information Security Administrator, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Just wanted to drop a note. I took the class back in November, and finally got around to taking the exam a couple weeks ago. I found the exam to be one of the hardest tests I have taken based on the layout and wording. The learning and preparation as well as the extra helpers, audios, study tips paid off in the long run. I passed.

I have recommended the training to others, and will continue to do so. Thanks again!”

David C. Taschner, Manager Engineering Systems BAE

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