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Looks like a Re-Evolution

Posted by: Patrick Snyder

Tagged in: News


New Year, New Technology, New Game, New Threats As we all have heard, 2010 was the year of game-changers. With more malicious attacks and new technology then any preceding year. But now that the rules have changed its time to get back in the game.

So far 2011 is outlining huge innovations in technology, tablet PCs will take over our offices, mobility and wireless networking are approaching a new forefront of innovation.

But as we improve our playing strategies so do our enemies. The fight to protect our emerging technology assets is not a game we can afford to lose.

Obama's recent State of the Union address has called for huge investments in information technology innovation. Supercomputing and the advancement of technology were stressed repeatedly within his speech. This spells big things for the IT community.

Get ready for new projects, new technology, and best of all new budgets.

Human resource management will be begging for information technology professionals soon, so be prepared for a job market comeback in IT. The recession is ending and soon the technology movement will be back in full force.

Not only will information technology be the hot topic in industry but also in education. This will open up even more opportunities for IT technicians, security experts, and teachers. Obama has already made the call out to start filling schools and universities with more of these professionals.

So prep your resumes and shine up your certification plaques, the IT revolution is on its way.

In other news IPv4 D-Day is approaching fast. As of February 1, 2011 (maybe even sooner) all IPv4 addresses will be exhausted. Time to start prepping your company for a dual stack implementation. Don't want to lose your competitive edge!