Why IP3?

Get your certification anytime, anywhere, anyway!

Let IP3, Inc. take your IT career one step further and help you to become certified with our customizable training sessions. We make it easier than ever because we have engineered a solution which allows you to receive the most comprehensive preparation for the exam while still working with your schedule and not busting your educational budget. Time is a precious commodity in the fast paced world of IT security and at IP3 we believe it is not a question of IF you are certifiable but WHEN you can find the time to become certified.

Why IP3?

IP3 addresses critical issues as they appear:

  1. Best of breed content. That means it's timely, relevant and focused.
  2. Format. We share our messages and materials in papers, audio-casts, live online and live at universities across the country.
  3. Economical. Being best doesn't have to be absurdly priced. In fact, being the best means it's the best economically too.

We are personal, professional and portable. There's only one way we can prove it to you - try it. We guarantee it.

The IP3 Difference

What sets us apart from other professional seminars and trainings? From our sponsors and associations to our educational excellence and tools, there are four basic elements that add value to our customers:

1. Continuously Updated Content

One of the greatest challenges in IT security is the tremendous pace at which exploits and defenses evolve. Yesterday's strategies and tools won't meet today's needs.

2. The 4-Point Perspective

The arrows on a compass are governed by four directions, and it's easy to be confused on the appropriate path for your IT security. IP3's unique 4-pont compass addresses the four driving influences:

  • Policy Perspective
  • Technology Architecture
  • Legal/Regulatory Compliance
  • Life Cycle Perspective

3. Certification Road Maps

Each IP3 course comes with a specific study guide that highlights the course components that have relevancy and coverage in CISSP, Security+ and ISACA certification programs. Each IP3 certification training comes with a 100% guarantee that if you do not pass the exam the first time you can retake the course for free!

4. Implementation Guides

Each of the dimensions covered in IP3's workshops and trainings are addressed by specific work aids, templates and implementation guidebooks.