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IP3 offers a wide variety of services based on years of experience in the industry. With IP3, find the perfect solution for your particular organization and your particular needs.

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IT Training Programs

Regardless of your time constraints, budget restrictions or learning style, IP3 has a training solution for you.

Unlike other IT security training programs, IP3 provides you with the materials to fully prepare for class through our comprehensive study pack consisting of self-study manuals, professional online mentoring, video/audio trainings, study guides and toll-free telephone support. The program begins with access to our online archive classes so you can gain the knowledge and expertise to come prepared for the course. We utilize Customized Training to provide you with the knowledge, learning style and flexibility you need. All training methods also include live interactions with other students and an expert instructor.  We provide not just the tools, but the personal touch to help you succeed.

Please review our Seminars and Training programs to find the right solution for you.

IT Management Seminar Series

The greatest value you can provide your IT technology members, staff, professors and/or students is continuing education and networking opportunities. Our seminars are accredited for CPEs/CEUs. One credit for every seminar hour. (NASBA)- National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and (ISC)2 recognize the educational value of our main seminar Strategy to Reality by awarding 16 CPE’s/CEU’s for CISSP and SSCP certifications. Seminar attendees may petition for CPE’s/CEU’s for most other professional credentials.

Our Seminars

Strategy to Reality
Health Informatics
ISO 27001
PCI Compliance
VoIP Security
CyberLaw Foundations
IT Governance
IT Security Project Management
IPv6 & IPSec
Customized Training Events


Consider the responsibilities of every individual involved in today’s businesses. They are somehow involved with the physical or intellectual property of each and every business. Whether they are responsible for production, service, inventory, implementation, monitoring or disposal, it is all corporate asset based; with the objectives of measuring progress, protection against loss, growth of revenues and efficiencies of operations.Today’s industries are both large and small. All have to embrace the common factors described above in order to be sustainable businesses of tomorrow.IP3 has been assisting corporate leadership in the area of Information Technology and Information Security for the past 6 years. Corporations and businesses today are regulated, mandated and simply maintained by implementing smarter policies, rules and planned objectives to manage their corporate assets through continued technology innovations. This requires qualified people who understand how to properly initiate, manage and maintain corporate property.IP3 provides three key areas of educational oversight, thought leadership and certification training to support those who share the greatest responsibilities and risks associated with the growth and security of our economic system. The heart of our economy beats on the flow of efficiency of many, many, many channels of intellectual property which seamlessly flow together on threads of policy, methodologies of compliance, laws for regulations and the dreams of technology innovators.

Educational Oversight- IT Executive Seminar Series

Our flagship IT Executive Seminar Series-“From Strategy to Reality” provides top level executives with an oversight and insight to current infosec subject matter topics and answers to technology issues which must be considered by all businesses.

Thought Leadership

IP3, Inc offers market leadership and guidance to businesses and leaders who are engaged in market positioning, channel development, organizational growth, product acceptance and. “Earning the right” in business today comes from a simple IP3 philosophy-“It has to be taught before it can be bought”. This is our approach to every segment of our business. Sharing and teaching others how to implement this philosophy has proven successful to many leaders who have engaged IP3 for growth and development.

Certification Training

Whether you look to certification as an avenue to credential your staff for corporate credibility or as a means to fulfill individual professional development goals and objectives, individuals who have IT certifications are setting themselves above other professionals in the marketplace.IP3 offers industry recognized certification training programs to prepare candidates for the information technology certification they wish to achieve. Our focus is information security and certification training levels which encompass the disciplines and skill sets of the Network Technician to the Chief Information Officer. Whether it is technical training for a CompTIA certification, a CISSP® information security certification, a PMI-Project Management Institute certification or becoming a qualified Certified Ethical Hacker, IP3’s training programs can meet your corporate or individual requirements.


For Professional Associations, IP3 provides substantial discounts to our national workshops which allow local chapters the opportunity of promoting scholarship pools for their members, new member recruitment incentives or other chapter development efforts. In addition, IP3 provides nationally renowned speakers and topical education and industry certification prep programs including online CISSP, CISM and CISA Certification Prep offerings that can be hosted by local chapters.  Last year, over 50 local associations sponsored IP3 programs and provided over $250,000 in local training scholarships.



CompTIA serves the IT industry as the world's largest developer of vendor-neutral IT certification exams. Since establishing the certification program in 1993, more than 900,000 CompTIA certifications have been earned worldwide. Currently, CompTIA offers certifications in PC hardware, networking, servers, Internet, e-business, project management, training, Linux, security, home technology, document imaging and RFID.

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)                        


The IEEE, a non-profit organization, is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology.

The full name of the IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., although the organization is referred to by the letters I-E-E-E and pronounced Eye-triple-E.

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)                          


In 2007, IP3 partnered with the local ISACA chapters of Atlanta, Sacramento and Nashville to host "From Strategy to Reality".

ISACA’s membership—more than 35,000 strong worldwide—is characterized by its diversity. Members live and work in more than 100 countries and cover a variety of professional IT-related positions—to name just a few, IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, regulator, chief information officer and internal auditor. Some are new to the field, others are at middle management levels and still others are in the most senior ranks. They work in nearly all industry categories, including financial and banking, public accounting, government and the public sector, utilities and manufacturing. This diversity enables members to learn from each other, and exchange widely divergent viewpoints on a variety of professional topics. It has long been considered one of ISACA’s strengths.

Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)       


In 2007, IP3 partnered with the local ISSA chapter of Portland to host "From Strategy to Reality". The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members.


IP3, Inc has been influential in assisting the US government by providing assistance, guidance and leadership in shaping the role and methodology of Information Security and Information Assurance implementations. Our strength has been our position to maintain an awareness of government technology objectives, standards and directives.Our initial works were focused on assisting the government’s efforts to identify the areas and needs for a synergistic approach to classifying skill levels across the platforms of both military and non military personnel. IP3, Inc was engaged by the Institute for Defense Analysis 6 years ago; and began looking across the technology components and IA policies. Ken Kousky- IP3, Inc- CEO has worked closely with George Beiber crafting the architecture for DoD directive 8570. We were the original developers of accelerated training programs to meet certification requirements in both governmental and private industry. What positions IP3 in the forefront, is our approach, awareness, commitment and focus on the fact that each individual brings different strengths and areas of needed improvement to the certification and training table. We want to be responsive to different gaps we have to close as well as to various learning styles of individuals.We provide assistance in two areas.

  1. Direct Training programs for military and civilian personnel requiring certification for directives such as DoD 8570.01M or other professional development and personnel initiatives.
  2. Informational Seminar Series- providing an executive level knowledge update to staff members who have the responsibility and oversight for IT- IA governance, policy, implementation, DR and other tasks surrounding data security, management and control.

The Benefits We Provide:

  • GSA, CCR vendorB. Ability to reach the mobile community via our Live- distance learning platform.
  • Multiple learning style package to fit the individual, his or her learning environment, study time frame, availability and accessibility.
  • Various certification and training and certification programs. As the world for certification expands, IP3 continues to expand its core offerings for certification training to meet ever changing requirements for military and civilian readiness.

Hosting & Sponsorship

For colleges and universities, associations and organizations who have a desire or a need to fulfill a greater understanding of today’s IT security issues, IP3 and its team of professional subject matter experts can provide you with an educational experience truly worthy of your time and effort. Our efforts are to share our services with groups who are involved in IT initiatives, are affiliated with professionals in today’s IT workforce, or are training and educating tomorrow’s IT leaders.

Whether you are interested in a one day seminar focused on VoIP, IPv6, PCI and compliance, Project Management or a two-day coverage of the latest IT security issues and answers for executive leadership, we can provide the program benefit for your needs.

Over the last six years, we have established strong relationships for annual course and seminar deliveries at major CAE universities, metropolitan chapters of ISACA and ISSA organizations, fortune 500 corporations and military groups with requirements for instructional fulfillment for certification.

Contact us for Vendor Relations, University Relations, and Registration Issues or Group / Education / Military / Alumni Pricing.

Previous Seminar Companies

Motorola, Inc
Lockheed Martin, Inc
Providence Health System
US Department of Commerce
Hewlett Packard
WebEx Communications
United States Secret Service
Wells Fargo
CNET Networks
Deutsche Bank
Sears, Roebuck & Company
Office Depot, Inc
Prudential Securities
American Express
Corsa Network Technologies
Bank of America
Federal Bureau of Investigations

Sales & Marketing

Gain Market Share During the Recession

One of the highest operating costs for security companies today is the cost selling. Manufacturing and R&D costs are sunk costs but to grow sales requires ongoing cash outlays. Few understand this like the Japanese auto manufactures. Over the past 50 years they've been able to gain market share during each recession.

In a tight economy, the best choice is to focus on the speed of sales conversion. Target the quick wins and low hanging fruit. Too many firms fail to see this and continue to justify their mis-focused sales and marketing efforts as being strategic. To even play the strategic, you have to survive tactically. Japanese automakers know that if tactical win during the recession, even with horrible margins are much easier to retain. This lesson is still lost on the western auto industry exemplified by Germany's recent "clunker upgrade" tax credit. While it stimulated car sales in Germany, the Japanese makers got a disproportionate share of the sales.

For computer security vendors who want the low hanging fruit, there remains the challenge of finding these opportunities. Here again, our tools and strategies are mis-focused on bulk rather than substance. Our marketing campaigns find the biggest forests but not the fruit trees.

We need the most opportunistic sources. Those with real immediate interest based on real immediate pain.

IP3's decades of professional experience in supporting missionary marketing has solved this challenge. It works like this:

  • Promote an educational forum nationally allowing professionals to self-select area of interest
  • Be as specific and micro-marketed as possible - right now, nobody needs to be sorting unqualified buyers
  • Key on specific pain statements GENERATED by the customer - this means getting out and listening

Now is an excellent time to join IP3, Inc.'s IT Executive level educational workshops.  You will have the opportunity to have an engaged audience; by providing educational insight to corporate level executives who have self-selected themselves as prime candidates with real interests and IT security needs.

Pulling together 40-60 IT Executive level decision makers is "no big deal" for IP3. The audience you want needs to be more than "leads". You need them well qualified with specific urgent needs. If they're willing to invest an entire day on VoIP, PCI or EMR, you'll know they're deeply involved and likely to have specific needs. Better yet, having an opportunity to discuss and survey their most immediate needs provides the ammunition required to close deals now.

Interact with an audience interested in learning how you can solve their IT security concerns. Put yourself in front of corporate IT leaders who are looking for answers to policy compliance, intrusion, inspection, authentication, web-app security and much more?

IP3's current seminar events include our flagship offering, Stategy to Reality - It's All About Risk Management or join our PCI and VoIP Security tour as a Showcased Vendor! We set the stage and provide the audience for you to deliver your message through our leading edge educational technology workshops.

  • Each program provides an audience of 40+ qualified professionals in an intimate professional workshop environment.
  • Each program utilizes  broad marketing to thousands who, if they cannot attend the workshop, can opt for a webinar or white paper.
  • Each attendee receives white papers, workbooks, your marketing collateral and a request to participate in additional survey analysis
  • Sponsors are able to invite existing clients or cold leads in their pipeline to resurrect dormant opportunities
  • There are options galore and the capability to customize your level of participation based on your budget starting at $500/city

The Process

Our process is built on three key assumptions:

  1. A technology must be taught before it will be bought.
  2. You must earn your clients time; just like you must earn a sale.
  3. These requirements radically change the cost of selling. For most IT Security companies, the cost of selling and marketing exceed the cost of product development.

Technology companies today need a diversified lead generation portfolio that delivers both high quality leads and a high quantity of leads.

We have partnered with the local ISSA and ISACA, Infragard, ISSA, HTCIA, IIA, and OWASP chapters to help drive attendance; as well as using our own database of over 50,000 IT Security professionals.

Our corporate clients have identified the following agenda items that we've integrated into the program:


Not everyone has recognized a need for your product.... right now.  That's OK.  However, that segment of the market may recognize that need tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year.  You need to make sure that when that light bulb goes on ....it stays on.... with you in mind. Our IT Security, PCI and VoIP security events help you "keep the light on" with our audience; and you'll garner that mindshare for your product line.  These non-competitive events ensure that your product doesn't get lost in the noise of similar sounding pitches from your competitors.  This is your event .....and your audience.  Attendees will go away only thinking of how YOUR product helps them fulfill their requirements.

We would like you to "Test" the effectiveness of our educational seminars. Invite your embedded customers and contacts. Check your channel for opportunities to engage them. Pick a target city that fits your regional sales staff. Get the leads from the event for follow up and closings. Cut the time to close from 180 days to 120 days...or more.