About IP3

Fast, Effective, and Convenient IT Security Training

The 21st Century will continue the dramatic transformation from an economy based on physical goods to an economy driven by ideas, concepts and services derived from computers and digital representations (or augmentations) of every aspect of our lives. We are living in an economy based on digits and bits. As our property, privacy and identities are becoming virtual, they are vulnerable to new exploits. Security in a digital world requires new and complex solutions often relying on brand new technologies. Security requires aggressive and preemptive responses (new defenses) to new threats. New defenses based on new technologies must be taught before they can be bought.

Our Mission

"To grow the Information Assurance and IT Security industry by creating outstanding customer relationships through valuable consulting, research, executive seminars and integrated learning programs based on our strategic knowledge base."

For vendors, IP3 offers an array of marketing research services. In addition to product integration and positioning analysis, IP3 has engineered unique lead-generation and sales support programs that address the high cost and slow process of educational marketing. Our flagship workshop, From Strategy to Reality, provides a vehicle to increase industry awareness and generate new account opportunities. When the company’s message is complex and the technology new, client organizations are simply incapable of buying the products. Accepting the need for security in depth, virtually all specific security solutions must be integrated into a complex maze of other technologies and business practices. IP3 assists in understanding and assisting vendors. This can offer substantial cost-savings for client organizations and lead to increased sales. Many technology solutions target specific needs within a corporation requiring a unique framing of the solution for each buying audience. Market segmentation and alignment is a vital issue for small specialized solutions that is addressed by IP3’s Thought Leadership services. Finally, lead generation is based on identifying buyers with budgets. The challenge is to rapidly generate Cash Flow From Customers – IP3’s CFFC program helps the early stage security company accelerate their go-to-market efforts.

IP3 maintains a research lab in partnership with Saginaw Valley State University. The Center for High Performance Computing and Informatics also serves as a platform for the support and sponsorship of student and faculty research in security. The flagship project: RootOut is creating a national model for the industry, law enforcement and researchers in developing new methods for capturing, cataloging and studying malicious code.

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For Universities, IP3 offers an array of seminars, courses and conferences. Working extensively with NSA sponsored Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, IP3 delivers 20 executive security forums, From Strategy to Reality, at host universities that address the industry’s most pressing issues and offers the university a chance to showcase its programs and offerings in the field. These workshops draw together 75 to 100 IT security professionals from the region for intensive, interactive forums.

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For Professional Associations, IP3 provides substantial discounts to our national workshops which allow local chapters the opportunity of promoting scholarship pools for their members, new member recruitment incentives or other chapter development efforts. In addition, IP3 provides nationally renowned speakers and topical education and industry certification prep programs including online CISSP, CISM and CISA Certification Prep offerings that can be hosted by local chapters. Last year, over 50 local associations sponsored IP3 programs and provided over $250,000 in local training scholarships.

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For Client Organizations, IP3 provides its experience and leadership skills in producing a unique suite of professional services to aid in security, privacy and compliance management. IP3 delivers risk assessment programs in conjunction with a skills transfer commitment to an enterprise’s immediate needs and enhances the organization’s long- term capabilities and competencies.