Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, in testimony presented to the US Congress, identified convergence and channel consolidation as the two most significant new cyber space challenges.

He asserts, “[C]onvergence amplifies the opportunity for, and consequences of, disruptive cyber attacks and unforeseen secondary effects on other parts of the US critical infrastructure.”

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a major driver behind both network convergence and channel consolidation.   Due diligence in understanding and due care in managing the risk of new technologies such as voice is required by regulations such as PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Paul Sand, a recognized VoIP security expert, will discuss how VoIP technology has converted a very trusted and reliable service, voice communication, into a less reliable service that is delivered on an infrastructure that is very untrustworthy. Despite these enormous new security risks, VoIP continues to be rapidly deployed because the business drivers behind VoIP are so strong and so compelling.

As a result, cyber security professionals and information system auditors must understand this new threat landscape and be prepared to manage the risk accordingly.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about VoIP vulnerabilities and appropriate security controls.
  • Hear expanded details of briefings provided to the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, the Financial Services Technical Consortium, the Information Systems Security Association, the Asset Protection Executives Roundtable and many other IT security industry organizations.
  • Learn about the new threat vectors, the amplified consequences of old cyber attacks, and examine the far reaching secondary effects a voice-based cyber attack can trigger.
  • Learn how the introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) substantially changes the threat landscape for any organization.   As a result, cyber security professionals and information system auditors must understand this new threat landscape and be prepared to manage the risk accordingly.

Who should attend:

  • Information System Auditors and Managers
  • Information System Security Professionals and Managers

Biography of Presenter:

Paul Sand is a recognized VoIP security expert.  He is the President and CEO of Salare Security, a Chicago based IT Security Company built around technology developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology -- one of the NSA’s Centers of Excellence in Information Assurance.

He is a 20+ year veteran of high tech industry working at Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and mVerify prior to founding Salare Security. He holds 21 US Patents in the areas of voice and data networking and public safety.  Mr. Sand is a working group leader for the Internet Security Alliance’s VoIP Security Project co-sponsored by NIST and DHS.

He is active with the ANSI Homeland Security Standards Panel as contributor to the second release of the ANSI publication entitled, The Financial Impact of Cyber Risks: 50 Questions Every CFO Should Ask.  He is an officer of the Board of Directors of the Chicago InfraGard Chapter, a member of the US Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force and a senior member of the IEEE .

Event Information

Date:  May 18, 2010

Location: TechAmerica

601 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest #600

Washington, DC 20004

Price: $150.00

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