CISSP and IP3's Training

CISSP and IP3's Training

The CISSP was the first information security credential accredited by ANSI to ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2003 and, as such, has led industry acceptance of this global standard and its stringent requirements, and has inspired other information security certification providers to follow suit. There is no risk in obtaining the CISSP, as it already meets the ISO/IEC standard 17024 accreditation qualifications—an accreditation that was renewed (required annually) by ANSI in July 2005. More than 40,000 information security professionals in more than 110 countries have already made this decision.

IP3 provides the most comprehensive and complete programs to assure successful certification in Information Assurance and IT Security. These programs have been designed and developed by the nation's leading experts in security education. IP3’s unique solution suite ends the debate between teaching the test vs. teaching for competency.

“It’s not just teaching the test or teaching security - you need both and IP3 gives you both.”

IP3's executive team has pioneered Boot Camp programs for Novell®, Cisco®, Microsoft® and CompTIA® Certification. Join us  for an intensive week of training in selected cities near you. Not only will you receive thorough and detailed personal instruction, but also all the supplemental materials including the iPod! We will send your materials as soon as you sign up, and give you full access to our on-line sessions and podcasts. That way you can get a great head start on your preparation to receive the most out of our boot camp. You can also use the podcasts as review after the session has ended!

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