Lead Auditor Course

The ISMS Lead Auditor Course (5 Days)

This five-day intensive course enables participants to develop the expertise needed to audit an Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) and to manage a team of auditors by applying widely recognized audit principles, procedures and techniques. During the training, the participant will acquire the knowledge needed to plan and perform audits compliant with the certification process of standard 27001:2005. Based on practical exercises, the participant will be able to develop the abilities (mastering audit techniques) and skills (managing audit teams and audit program, communicating with customers, conflict resolution, etc.) necessary to the conduct of an audit.

The training is based on management system audit guidelines (ISO 19011:2002) as well as international audit best practices: the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the Institute of Internal Auditor (IIA). An audit kit developed by experienced auditors will be distributed to participants.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the application of the information security management system in the ISO 2701:2005 context.
  • Understanding the relationship between the information security management system, including the management of risks and controls, and the various stakeholders.
  • Understanding audit principles, procedures and techniques, and being able to apply them in an ISO 27001 audit framework.
  • Understanding the legal, statutory, regulatory or contract obligations relevant during an ISMS audit.
  • Acquiring the personal skills required to perform an audit in an effective and cost-effective manner, and managing an audit team.
  • Preparing and completing an audit report ISO 27001.

Who should participate?

  • Person wanting to lead ISO 27001 certification audits as the person in charge of an audit team.
  • Consultant wanting to prepare and support a company in an audit certification ISO 27001.
  • Internal advisor to a company or internal auditor who wants to prepare and support his company in a certification audit ISO 27001.
  • Person in charge of information security or conformity internally for the organization.
  • Expert advisor in information technology.

Course details:

Day 1: Introduction to the management of an
Information Security Management System
based on ISO 27001

  • Course objectives and structure
  • Normative and regulatory framework
  • ISO 27001 certification process
  • Fundamental principles in Information Security and
    Risk Management
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Introduction to clauses 4 to 8 (ISO 27001)

Day 2: Launching an ISO 27001 audit

  • Fundamental concepts and principles in audit
  • Ethics and professional rules of conduct in audit
  • Audit approach based on evidence and on risk
  • Preparation of an ISO 27001 certification audit
  • Documentation audit
  • Preparing the audit plan
  • Conducting an opening meeting

Day 3: Conducting an ISO 27001 audit

  • Communication during the audit
  • Audit procedures (observation, interview, sampling techniques)
  • Drafting audit findings and nonconformity reports

Day 4: Closing an ISO 27001 audit

  • Audit documentation
  • Review of audit notes
  • Closing an ISO 27001 audit
  • Managing an audit program ISO 27001
  • Competence and evaluation of auditors
  • Completion of training

Day 5: Examination

  • Examination


ISMS Foundation training or a basic knowledge of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards is recommended.

Examination and Certification

  • The ISMS exam - ISO 27001 Lead Auditor is certified by RABQSA and meets the "RABQSA Training Provider Examination Certification Scheme" (TPECS) criteria and covers the competency unit:
    • RABQSA - IS (information security)
    • RABQSA - AU (Audit Techniques)
    • RABQSA - TL (Techniques for Lead Auditor)
  • ISMS exam - ISO 27001 Lead Auditor is available in English, French or Spanish.
  • Duration of the exam: 3 hours
  • A certificate will be issued to participants who successfully complete the exam.
  • After the training, the participant can apply for the title of ISO 27001 provisional auditor, ISO 27001 auditor, ISO 27001 principal auditor or ISO 27001 lead auditor depending on their experience.
  • The certificate for the successful completion of the RABQSA exam is recognized by IRCA and meets the IRCA/2016 certification criteria. A participant can register as IRCA or RABQSA auditor.

General Information

  • A copy of ISO 27001 standard is distributed to participants.
  • A 35 CPE (continuing professional education) participation certificate will be issued to participants.
  • An audit toolkit as well as a student manual containing over 400 pages of information and practical examples will be distributed to participants.