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Customized Training

Customized Training for Business, Government and Professional Associations

At IP3 we engage with our clients and students to deliver compelling and engaging training that will meet the goals of the requiring organization. Last year, over 50 local associations sponsored IP3 programs and provided over $250,000 in local training scholarships.

IP3 provides substantial discounts to our national workshops which allow local chapters the opportunity of promoting scholarship pools for their members, new member recruitment incentives or other chapter development efforts. IP3 provides nationally renowned speakers and topical education and industry certification prep programs including online CISSP, CISM and CISA Certification Prep offerings that can be hosted by local chapters.

Whether you’re looking for year end training, quarterly training seminars, annual / bi-annual meetings or group training sessions to obtain continuing education credits for certification requirements, IP3 can provide the right expertise to ensure your next educational or professional development event engages everyone.

Our customized courses may consist of a full day covering one subject, to half day (4 hour) sessions filling a one or 2 day event. We are open to opportunities to coordinate and tailor the efforts directly with you or with departmental contacts within your organization.

IP3, Inc. has been privileged to work with leaders and members of several professional organizations in the United States and Canada. We look forward to continuing our relationships with many of the ISACA, ISSA, IIA, AHIMA and other local chapter groups; as well as expanding opportunities to provide Continuing Education credit content to members by delivering Specialized Educational Training Events in the area of Information Technology / Information Security.

Information Technology Subjects Available

  • IT Governance- ISO 27001:5 Information Security Management Systems- Roles, policies and assessments
  • Project Management- Organizational Strategies and Objectives
  • PCI -Compliance and Implementation
  • IPv6 and IPSec
  • VoIP- Deployments, security and fundamentals
  • IT Convergence- Combining Logical and Physical Security
  • IT Security Overview
  • Ethical Hacking Overview


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