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Kenneth W. Kousky

Ken is the President and CEO of  IP3, and is a dynamic presenter and maintains a number of professional certifications including the CISSP, CISA, and CGEIT.

Ken is also an industry voice as a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, leading the ongoing debate around securing cloud computing solutions. He maintains professional certifications including the CISSP, CISA, and CGEIT. Formerly, President and CEO of Wave Technologies Inc. (a then NASDAQ publicly-traded company), Vice President of Novell, Inc., and President of NetWare, Ken is a key player in the IT industry, with more than 25 years experience.

As a professional yet dynamic lecturer, Ken is able to leverage his background as an economist, to bridge the gap between the “C’s” and their focus on financial outcomes and the operational and technical professionals. From “bits to budgets”, he is able to cut through the noise factors surrounding today’s critical technology, business and security issues. Ken provides clear and concise insight into the most pressing IT Security issues we face today, aiding in the development of realistic strategies to defend against security issues of tomorrow.