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Security + iPAD On-The-Go

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Get all your Security+ training and resources bundled on an iPAD. Take your training with you!

Order an Apple iPad, preloaded with all 5 domains to take your learning one step further. This option allows to study when it fits your on-the-go schedule. Whether you are reviewing individual domain topics for the first time, or reviewing before your exam, this educational tool will launch your training to the next level. Take our program with you when you are flying, at lunch, or on a long car ride. It really allows you to learn anytime, anywhere!

The podcasts of the review sessions cover practice test questions on each domain. These practice test questions are the key to passing your exam. Our certified and welled trained instructors cover test taking skills and how to shuffle your way through the answers to find the most probably, and likely correct response. No matter the difficulty, they demonstrate how to apply your knowledge of the subject matter to give you the confidence in the answer that you choose. Everyone knows “practice makes perfect” and by thoroughly reviewing practice test questions you can become comfortable with the exam format and gain the self-assurance to successfully pass the exam.

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    Our comprehensive training includes all the resources you will need to master the CompTIA Security+ material and ace the exam...

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