Boot Camp Offering

So many different paths to get your CISSP Certification.

IP3 has a different methodology when it comes to CISSP® Boot Camps. Our CISSP® Boot Camp is a groundbreaking, one-week, comprehensive, in-depth, hard-hitting course designed for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification candidate. Our instructors are active industry professionals, not just academics, who live and breathe the material they teach. If you are looking for a program that has so much more to offer than a five-day cram session, then follow IP3’s path to a brighter future.

Attend a CISSP Bootcamp Live in person or via a Webcast to your home or office!

In todays tight economy we can't always spend the extra time and money to travel. The cost of airfare, hotel, and meals can be avoided by participating via IP3's innovative webcast instruction. This webcast is totally interactive. You can ask the instructor questions, and the instructor will ask you questions, just like you were there. Not only will you save travel costs, but webcast attendees save on registration fees.

It is so much more than five days…

Most Boot Camps try brute force in an attempt to have the students learn while the IP3 model takes advantage of being prepared for the training. The truth is there is only so much you can cram into five days. We change the formula, not to try to squeeze in more, but to prepare the student using our unique class formats and styles. Not only do you get our incredible, innovative, and informative five-day seminar, you will also get our very successful ten-week online course led by different professionals with expertise in each domain.

By giving our students the ability to fully prepare for the course beforehand and then the opportunity to continue to study and review after the course, we guarantee that they are receiving the most information possible to prepare them for their CISSP® certification exam. You can leave the seminar knowing that you can continue your education of the Common Body of Knowledge by reviewing our online sessions on your portable audio and video player that is provided to you before the seminar begins. Unlike other five-day training programs that leave you hanging afterward, we are here to support you. If you get home and have a question, that’s not a problem because we offer a forum site that our instructor visits regularly so we can ensure that your inquiry will get answered in a timely manner. IP3 gives you the time to grasp the concepts instead of just memorizing for the exam.

What You Will Receive:
  • 5-Day Training Seminar that covers the CBK®.
  • Apple iPod Touch.
  • Includes a free seat to our Strategy to Reality 2-day Seminar @ any city.
  • Access to our On-line live CISSP® certification training sessions.
  • Review sessions on each domain.
  • Downloadable audio / video podcasts of each session to take with you on the go for review of the material covered.
  • Our 300+ page workbook developed by IT security professionals for security professionals.
  • Transcender Practice Exams for each domain to help prepare you for the grueling 6-hour certification test.
  • Shon Harris "The CISSP® Prep Guide" - one of the industry's best books on CISSP® exam preparation!
  • Online Learning Center with supplemental materials, access to Instructors, and a forum for inter-classmate discussion.
  • Security Tools CD.
  • Book Bag (5-day Boot Camp attendees only).
  • Industry's Only Satisfaction / Money Back Guarantee.

So many possibilities…

By providing so many different learning styles and tools we allow for every type of student to get the most they can out of our program. When you sign up for our CISSP® Boot Camp, you will be absorbing information from every direction. Whether you have an audio, visual, or hands-on type of learning style, we have something that will suit your needs. Between our online courses, portable video and audio player, podcasts, forum site, mentoring, text books, Tools CD, or the actual training session, you are sure to find something to suit your learning needs.

By providing you as well with a portable audio and video player we allow the flexibility to continue studying even after the course has ended. Download the podcasts of the archived sessions and take them with you anywhere. We go one step beyond the other programs by making sure you have every opportunity to feel completely prepared for your exam.

It's about more than just passing the exam...

Everyone offers a boot camp, but there is only one that is original! IP3's founders developed the first boot camp that was sold worldwide by IBM. Our instructor, Ken Kousky, has 20+ years of certification training leadership. Ken uses original resources from the Common Body of Knowledge and also features current NIST documents that are continually updated to compliment the information provided in the course. There are no 3rd party materials being used over and over again. This means a student is always getting the most relevant and up-to-date information to prepare for the CISSP® exam.

Programs that only teach the test leave you with gaping holes in your professional skills and competencies - they only get you halfway there. Passing the test is not enough. Raw materials tested in the CISSP® are a broad range of technical terms and concepts, but most CISSP®'s still need to put the pieces back together. We provide a unique and thorough analysis of the security industry's concepts, trends and practices along with in-depth exam practice. Ken applies the concepts and terms learned to real world examples and problems so our students go beyond just knowing the information to actually understanding and applying it.

Our program is innovative and comprehensive. We have revolutionized CISSP® training by utilizing the most current technologies to assist you in maximizing your education while minimizing the cost spent for it. You will receive double the amount of materials at half the price of our competitors. Also with one of best guarantees in the industry you can’t go wrong.

The Best Guarantee in the Industry

We offer an incredible 100% unconditional guarantee. Our 1-year money back/satisfaction guarantee. If you do not feel fully prepared to take the exam after completing the 10 domains, you can essentially take the course again for FREE. Otherwise, we will refund the cost of the course minus the material, presenter and location costs.