IP3 is a leading market research firm providing exclusive coverage of emerging technologies for information assurance and IT security. 

 Founded in 2001, IP3 is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Saginaw, Michigan ; IP3's Founder and CEO is Kenneth W. Kousky

 Ken was formerly CEO of Wave Technologies, a NASDAQ public company, and is Ernst & Young's  Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient.  Over a decade ago, while teaching at Washington University, Ken directed the data communications curriculum development in the School of Engineering where one of the first graduate programs in computer networking was offered and one of the first serous academic treatments of network security began.

 IP3’s primary service is a series of 2-day technical workshops, “ From Strategy to Reality”, delivered across the nation in 20 cities for IT executives on security issues.

 “From Strategy to Reality” began in 2002 when IP3 began providing education forums requested by industry – new technologies were not understood and the necessary foundations for their effective management were not addressed in any of the traditional educational venues.  Today “From Strategy to Reality” is one of the world’s leading executive and management forums, and has been hosted by some of the nation’s leading institutions and organizations, many of them NSA Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Curriculum.  Professional associations such as InfraGard, HTCIA, ASIS, ISSA & ISACA provide local sponsorship and support for the seminar series.

 Today, IP3’s growing staff of executives, IT security analysts and support staff provide valuable consulting, research, executive seminars, and integrated learning programs through a strategic knowledge base.