Simply put, IP3 is the fastest and most efficient way to sell your technology. Rather than duplicate your existing sales and marketing efforts, IP3 brings new channels to sell your existing products and technologies. IP3 offers several important advantages to its customers including:

Product Clustering: where we put your product with other complementary products so you can offer your customer an end-to-end solution.

Key Industry Contacts: from press pundits, to industry CEOs, VPs and VIPs we have the contact deals to help you make the right deals for your technology.

Unique and Effective Assessments: that allow us to identify precisely where you need help and what resources should be mobilized.

The Advanced Sales Acceleration Program: a special program for our customers that puts your product directly in front of authorized, educated and motivated buyers.

The Cash Flow From Customers Program: a turnkey end to end program that helps you move quickly from concept to cash flow.

Talented Partner Companies: that ensure we can meet your every need no matter how large or how small.

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