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   ForeScout's enterprise network security solutions focus on providing real-time, automated protection against self-propagating malware and malicious hacker attacks. ForeScout offers key building blocks for a defense-in-depth strategy to ensure network availability and business continuity. CounterACT suppresses malware and blocks espionage at key points inside the network and ActiveScout dynamically block hackers and threats at the network perimeter. ACTNet service is a global deployment that supplies subscribers with real-time alerts of malicious activities on the Internet. ForeScout headquarters are located in Cupertino, California.

   ForeScout’s technology partners include: Apani Networks, Check Point, Nokia, Symantec, Sun, and IBM. A strong network of global resellers supports the company. ForeScout Technologies is a well financed, privately held company that has raised $24M in funding from seed investors and leading venture capital firms: Accel Partners, Itochu, Meritech Capital Partners, and Pitango Venture Capital.



Panda Software is a leading developer and provider of integrated security solutions to combat viruses, hackers, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam and other Internet threats . With its state-of-the-art TruPrevent™ Technologies, Panda Software's innovative solutions offer a higher return on investment by keeping customers protected even against new threats which have not yet been identified. PandaLabs, the fastest laboratory in the industry in releasing complete updates to users, provides 24x7, year round response to malware worldwide.



James C. Shaeffer & Associates, Inc., is a leading distributor of PC and LAN Security Software. Incorporated in 1991 in Michigan, the company has actively and successfully marketed PC and LAN Security Products to Fortune 1000 and smaller companies across North America. With multiple locations throughout the United States, Jim and his Associates provide top-level technical assistance to many companies in the areas relating to software auditing, computer security and anti-virus protection.



Established in 1997 and headquartered in Merrillville, Indiana, Cimcor continues to build a strong reputation for innovative Information Technology integrity solutions. Since its founding, Cimcor has gained nationwide recognition for its software security and data integrity products.

Cimcor was one of the first software companies to develop a data integrity product for Y2K called PLC Scan2000. This product automatically assessed the status of software for industrial computer systems to determine if they were Y2K ready in a fraction of the time it took to do it manually.

Today, Cimcor’s ground breaking software CimTrak allows computer servers and network devices to “self-heal” in the case of any unauthorized change. Unmatched in its ability to protect critical IT assets, CimTrak is essential real-time integrity for any IT organization.

All Cimcor personnel are dedicated and focused on providing our customers the richest experience doing business with us. From our accessible executives to our veteran software engineers and from our professional sales force to our knowledgeable support staff, we are devoted to the highest standards in order to ensure our customers receive the products and services necessary to ensure continued success.



Founded in 2003, Cambia Security, Inc. started with the idea that all security exposures originate with a change. In order to secure today's dynamic networks effectively, it's important to understand what changes occur and how they impact an organization's security posture.
The primary instruments of security (firewalls, IDS/IPS, vulnerability scanners and anti-virus) are all fundamentally reactive in nature. New external threats appear weekly and, each day, the average network experiences thousands of changes, any one of which could trigger a serious security risk. Rushing to patch every vulnerability is a prohibitively expensive proposition. What is needed is to spot the security exposure as it appears and quickly translate the appearance of the exposure into an action plan.
With that in mind, Cambia Security, Inc. began working on the differential detection engine, a technology that identifies the change residing at the root of the security exposure. Mapping actual risk against the exposure allows for rapid decision-making about what needs to be remedied and when.






















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